<39 Weeks Program Speakers Bureau

39 Weeks Speakers Bureau

ACOG District IX in collaboration with the March of Dimes Foundation (MOD) and California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) has created an education and mentorship program to provide information and training to 20 obstetric leaders trained to address non-medically indicated deliveries before 39 weeks through in-person hospital and regional trainings as well as provide follow-up implementation support to hospital administrators and providers with the added assistance of MOD and CMQCC staff.  The speakers will serve as educators and mentors for hospitals across California to help ensure that the policies and procedures developed statewide are consistent with ACOG guidelines.

The training curriculum, based on the <39 Week Toolkit, guides the process and can be adjusted for each specific hospital's strengths and barriers.  It acts as an educational tool in addition to a reference and support tool for hospital administration and staff.  The initial presentation given by a Speakers Bureau member will cover various aspects of the <39 Week Toolkit including the scientific background on this issue as well as implementation guidance.  Mentoring follow-up can range from email communication to conference calls with various staff to in-person meetings as needed. 

Each member of the Speakers Bureau will bring their unique skills and resources to execute a well-coordinated statewide effort with a consistent message that will drive sustainable change. This project has the support of ACOG District II (NY), District XI (Texas) as well as the Florida and Illinois sections and is consistent with ACOG policy since 1979 (Committee Opinion 22).  Our efforts in District IX/California are considered a pilot project for eventual nationwide attempts to eliminate elective deliveries before 39 weeks.

Sliding Scale Services

Costs reflects time spent conducting the training and related travel. All speaking engagements include follow-up mentoring and support.

For a single one hour educational session the rate is $1000. This will be in the form of an in-person training requiring minimal travel or a remote webinar presentation if necessary. 

  • For a half day including the in-person training and speaker travel the rate is $2000.
  • For a full day including the in-person training(s) and speaker travel the rate is $3500.
  • If extensive in-person follow-up is requested an additional fee may be assessed. 


Speakers Bureau Members

Yair Blumenfeld, MD—Palo Alto, CA

Jim Byrne, MD—San Jose, CA

Joseph Derrough, MD—San Jose, CA

Philip Diamond, MD—San Diego, CA

Bill Gilbert, MD—Sacramento, CA

Laurie Gregg, MD—Sacramento, CA

Kim Gregory, MD, MPH—Los Angeles, CA

John Keats, MD—Ventura, CA 

David Lagrew, MD—Fountain Valley, CA

Melissa Larsen, MD—Bakersfield, CA

Nathana Lurvey, MD—Inglewood, CA

Elliott Main, MD—Mill Valley, CA

Carol Major, MD—Orange, CA

Dotun Ogunyemi, MD—Los Angeles, CA

Bryan Oshiro, MD—Loma Linda, CA 

Manny Porto, MD—Orange, CA

Diana Ramos, MD, MPH—Laguna Beach, CA

Helen Rodriguez, MD—West Covina, CA

Michael Ross, MD—Torrance, CA

John Wachtel, MD—Menlo Park, CA 

Further Information/Request Speaker

Please contact the <39 Week Program Coordinator, Angie Hensley at ahensley@ca.acog.org with questions and speaker requests at your facility. 

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