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In this section you will find a quick reference to the Intrapartum FHR Monitoring Management Decision Model which outlines the various components in the management of EFM. You will also find valuable modules that can be used for references to NICHD definitions, or interpreting and managing EFM strips.  These modules can be used as teaching tools or to test your own knowledge base surrounding EFM.


Intrapartum FHR Monitoring Management Decision Model


Cognitive Bias
This module is designed to help you recognize and overcome inherent biases that can impede learning. This module focuses on errors of cognition and related teamwork or practice failures.

NICHD Definitions with Practicum Slides
This module provides a basic overview of the NICHD definitions. Printing the slides and working individually or in small groups to identify FHR components using NICHD nomenclature may be a good way to utilize this module.

This module provides an overview of the physiologic basis for electronic fetal monitoring; this module reviews fetal oxygenation, fetal response to interrupted oxygenation, and the relationship between fetal acid-base and injury.

Interpretation & Management
These modules are meant to be used in tandem together, they provide you with an evidence-based approach to FHR management.

Liability, Documentation & Depositions
This module covers liability from a safety perspective, documentation issues for both nurses and midwifery/medical staff, and provides strategies for dealing with the deposition process.

EFM Logo*Permission to utilize materials provided from David Miller, MD, FACOG and Lisa Miller, CNM, JD.*

**The quizzes listed within the teaching modules can be used in a group setting with an audience response system, or may be converted into a written pretest. **



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