District II and MOREOB


MOREOB (Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently):

A Patient Safety Model in Obstetrical Care Units

ACOG District II sets out to prove that preventable adverse events that occur in labor and delivery and have identifiable causes can be addressed through the implementation of a long-term, comprehensive patient safety program.  The MOREOB project is a universal model of obstetric patient safety and quality improvement, a deficiency witnessed in the current health care system.  There are currently five New York hospitals participating in the program. Expected outcomes include statewide dissemination of evidence-based data demonstrating that implementation of an obstetric safety model will result in improved patient health, continued access to obstetric services, prevention of a substantial number of adverse events, more efficient care delivery, and needed changes within hospital culture.  Strong improvements in the delivery of obstetric care are expected, leading to improved quality of patient care. 

Opportunities exist for additional hospital participation 

Contact Kelly Gilchrist, Medical Education & Patient Safety Manager at kgilchrist@ny.acog.org to find out how ACOG District II can help advance obstetric patient safety in your facility utilizing this three-year, hospital-based patient safety and performance improvement program.





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