Before You Implement Smoking Cessation Program

Get Staff On Board
Ensure your entire staff is aware of the program and properly trained on protocols.  The success of the project will depend on all members of your staff (receptionists, nurses, medical assistants, physicians, etc.) working together.

Have Materials Ready
Make sure patient education materials (fact sheets, referral resources, Quitline info, etc.) are photocopied and packaged so they are readily available for easy distribution.  See Smoking Cessation Tools and Resources section for Patient Education Materials.

Search for the “Teachable Moment”
Most smokers want to quit.
[i]  A “teachable moment” is the moment that motivates individuals to adopt health behaviors that lower their risk.  There is strong evidence that links your teachable moment to patients who successfully quit.[ii]  You can find the right time during your patient’s office encounter to encourage your patients to quit.





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[ii] Warner, Brian.  Helping surgical patients quit smoking: why, when and how. Anesth Analg, 2005; 101: 481-7.