ACOG District II Quick Recap of Governor's State of the State

Today Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his goals and expectations for the year.

The primary health-related initiative, and possibly most controversial proposal, is the governor’s plan to legalize medical marijuana.

Governor Cuomo will bypass the Legislature via an executive action and allow 20 NY hospitals to dispense marijuana to select patients. Details regarding which hospitals will be approved and which patients will be eligible have not been determined or disclosed.

For future reference, here a few links regarding the scientific controversy:

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Report to the Legislature and Governor of the State of California Presenting Findings Pursuant to SB847 Which Created the CMCR and Provided State Funding

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During his speech, the governor also emphasized renewed talks on the 10 point Women’s Equality Act. The 10th point addresses abortion policy.

Women members of the Assembly’s Democratic conference issued a good statement which was picked up by the press. Click here to view: Assembly Women Renew Call For 10-Point Agenda.

Other areas discussed and highlighted during Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address included a comprehensive tax reform plan, universal pre-kindergarten for all children, ethics reform, local government consolidation and continued economic development - especially in upstate NY. The entire plan and address can be found on the 2014 State of the State webpage.




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