USUHS Academic Appointments and Promotions

USUHS provides the vast majority of primary academic appointments to active duty Armed Forces District members serving as faculty involved in the education of USUHS medical students and military OB/GYN residencies. USUHS may also provide academic appointments to civilian providers serving in these educational roles, as well as retired members, separated members, or reservists who continue to serve in the education of USUHS students and/or residents in military programs. In an effort to continuously encourage academic appointment and promotion to those providing these critically important educational functions, please refer to the USUHS Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology website ( ) which contains a comprehensive description of the requirements and process of academic appointment and promotion at USUHS. Please note that this website contains information regarding the recent option of a "Clinical" appointment; the details of this option are included on the website and further detailed in the USUHS Instruction as referenced.


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