National Candidates for 2015-2016

Declared candidates for national office for the term May 2015 to May 2016 are listed by office. They will appear before the Committee on Nominations and interested members at the National Officer Candidates Forum on April 30 at the 2014 Annual Clinical Meeting in Chicago, IL. The forum is open to all Congress and College members. The deadline was April 1, 2014.

President Elect


Eva Chalas, MD
Mineola, NY

District II

Thomas M. Gellhaus, MD
Iowa City, IA

District VI

Owen C. Montgomery, MD
Philadelphia, PA

District III

Louis Weinstein, MD (1)*
Charleston, SC

District IV




Ted L. Anderson, MD, PhD
Nashville, TN

District VII

Susan M. Lemagie, MD
Palmer, AK

District VIII

Gregory R. Moore, MD, MPH
Atlanta, GA

District X (Armed Forces District)

Patrick J. Sweeney, MD, PhD
Providence, RI

District I

Louis Weinstein, MD (2)*
Charleston, SC

District IV




John P. Keats, MD
Ventura, CA

District IX

Wilma I. Larsen, MD
Belton, TX

District XI


Young Physician-at-Large


John W. Ervin, MD, MBA
Pensacola, FL

District XII

Victor M. Feldbaum, MD
Memphis, TN

District VII

Meadow M. Good, DO
Dallas, TX

District XI

Tamara Helfer, MD, MBA
Champaign, IL
District VI

Wanjiku Musindi, MD
Columbus, OH

District V

Devin D. Namaky, MD
Cincinnati, OH

District V

*The number in parenthesis indicates the office for which the candidate wishes to run, in order of preference. Candidates may run for no more than two offices.


Penny Rutledge, JD
Vice President, Legal

Leslie A. Smith
Executive Board Affairs