Coding and Reimbursement for LARC

Follow the links below to access resources developed to help practices receive appropriate payment for providing contraceptive implants and IUDs:

Intrauterine Devices & Implants: A Guide to Reimbursement

This guide aims to explain the landscape of LARC public and commercial insurance coverage and serve as a resource for providers navigating stocking, reimbursement, and other scenarios that create barriers to the provision of these methods. The guide is intended to help alleviate financial challenges so that providers are better able to offer the full range of contraceptive methods and minimize out-of-pocket costs or delays in care for their patients. This guide is not intended to endorse LARC methods over other types of contraception; quality contraceptive care must always be patient-centered and responsive to individual preferences, needs, and values.


Alicia Luchowski
Director, LARC Program

For media inquiries about LARC, please contact:

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