Timetable for JF Section Chairs


 After Annual District Meeting (ADM)
  •  Establish contact with your Fellow Section officer
  •  E-mail "Stump the professors" cases to Junior Fellow College Advisory Council (JFCAC) Chair or Mary Behneman at ACOG.
  • Select new Section Vice Chair if one has not been elected and notify your Junior Fellow District Chair and the Department of Junior Fellow Services of the name and address.
 January - March
  •  Attend Junior Fellow District Advisory Council Interim Meeting (if one is scheduled).
  •  Take typed report to your District Advisory Council Meeting. Topics should include.

a. Junior Fellow activities in your Section

b. Recruitment for Junior Fellows

c. Issues of concern from your Section 

 April - July

 Contact your District Chair to:

 a. Offer help/support for Fall District Meeting

 b. Suggest items for the agenda

  • Plan to attend your District Advisory Council Meeting if held in conjunction with Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM)
  •  Block our Annual Fall District Meeting dates
 August ADM
  • Prepare report for the Fall District Advisory Council Meeting
  •  Notify your District Chair if you plan to run for District office
  • Address any agenda items suggested by your District Advisory Chair 1(800) 673-8444 ext. 2561


Christine Himes

Wanda Proctor
Project Coordinator

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