Points to Consider When Planning a District or Section Meeting

1. If meeting in conjunction with another group, definite written agreements should always be made in advance to share expenses and divide income from the meeting, such as that from exhibits.

2. It is essential in communicating with guest speakers to inquire as to what type of audio visual equipment is needed and to arrange for these needs.

3. Letters should be sent to all Junior Fellows submitting papers informing them as to whether or not their paper has been chosen for presentation.

4. It should be specified to guest speakers as to what expenses will be paid (i.e., transportation, food, hotel, and honorariums). This will vary from District to District.

5. Coffee and lunch breaks must be given sufficient time in the program.

6. If pharmaceutical and industrial exhibits are to be part of the meeting, time must be allowed in the program for visiting this area. Coffee breaks and continental breakfasts should be held in the exhibit room. Proper recognition of the financial contributors and sponsors of the meeting should be given in the meeting program.

7. All program participants should be thanked by letter after the meeting, and letters of appreciation should be sent to the sponsors after the meeting in hopes of maintaining their support in the future.

8. Time should be allowed for the Junior Fellow business meeting/luncheon in the program. Please contact Mary Behneman, Director, Department of Junior Fellow Services, early in the planning stages for advice and guidance in helping to coordinate and publicize the meeting.


Christine Himes

Wanda Proctor
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