Meet The Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council Chair

A message from the Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council (JFCAC) Chair, Amanda N. Kallen, MD

It is an honor and privilege to serve as your new ACOG Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council (JFCAC) Chair. I follow in the footsteps of a fantastic Past Chair in Dr. Meadow Good, who brought such excitement and energy to the JFCAC and whose enthusiasm for the job is infectious. She truly leads by example and my goal is to do the same this year!

As a third year medical student facing a daunting array of career choices, I attended an ACOG District meeting on the advice of an attending of mine. At that meeting, I realized two things – one, that I absolutely wanted to be an ob/gyn and two, that I absolutely wanted to stay plugged in with this awesome organization, ACOG. There’s a reason that 95% of board certified ob/gyns (more than in any other specialty!) are also members of ACOG. Our involvement allows us to maintain the highest standards of clinical practice, promote patient education, and most importantly, to be strong and vocal advocates for quality women’s health care. My goal for this year is to encourage ALL Junior Fellows to get involved as well.

If you’re wondering at this point, “Am I a Junior Fellow?,” here’s the deal. If you are an ob-gyn resident, subspecialty fellow, or recently in practice and have not passed your oral boards and applied to be an ACOG Fellow, then you are one of 9,639 “Junior Fellow” members of ACOG. Junior Fellow membership is available to all Americans, Canadians, and also residents in Mexico and Latin American Sections (Central America, Argentina, Chile and the Dominican Republic) and the West Indies. ACOG itself is composed of 11 geographic “Districts” and the Armed Forces District, with each District comprised of multiple Sections (click here for a map to find out which district and section you belong in).You are represented on a local level through Section and District Junior Fellow Officers, and on a national level by your District Junior Fellow Officers on the JFCAC.

So please, reach out to your Section officers and let them know you’d like to get involved. Make sure you’re a member (medical students, it’s free for you!). Check out the Junior Fellow section of the ACOG website. Attend Section and District meetings. “Like” ACOG’s national Facebook page as well as your District page, and check out our Twitter feed. Come lobby for women’s reproductive health and other relevant issues at the Congressional Leadership Conference. Donate to ACOG’s Political Action Committee. And mark your calendars now for our Annual Clinical Meeting (in gorgeous San Francisco in 2015 – I’ll see you there!).

ACOG is committed to continually improving and assuring that women receive the best healthcare and providing its members with the resources they need to succeed. The Junior Fellows – YOU - are the face and the future of this great organization. You are all leaders in women’s health, and I look forward to working with you over the coming year!


Amanda N. Kallen, MD