Meet The Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council Chair

A message from the Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council (JFCAC) Chair, Meadow Maze Good, DO

Meadow GoodHello! I am so honored and excited to serve the Junior Fellows of the American College/Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). We are all a part of an amazing organization that advocates for its members (you!) and our patients. ACOG is committed to continually improving and assuring that women receive the best healthcare and providing its members with the resources they need to succeed.

This year I will continue to promote the JFCAC initiative pertaining to all medical professionals, Social Media Professionalism in the Medical Community. The 4-minute video was created by the ACOG Junior Fellows to bring awareness of this important issue to all medical providers and create open dialogue regarding the importance of maintaining professionalism in all aspects of our lives, especially online.To obtain a copy of the video please click here.To obtain more information on how you can help, contact me or click here to find your ACOG Junior Fellow Representative.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Am I a Junior Fellow?” If you are a ob-gyn resident, subspecialty fellow, or recently in practice and have not taken/passed your oral boards and applied for “ACOG Fellowship”, then you are a Junior Fellow. Junior Fellow membership is available to all Americans, Canadians, and also residents in Mexico and Latin American Sections (Central America, Argentina, Chile and Dominican Republic) and the West Indies. There are 9,639 Junior Fellow members; 5,494 Junior Fellows in Training and 4,145 Junior Fellows in Practice. ACOG total membership of 58,065 represents 95% of all board certified obstetricians-gynecologists.

How am I represented in ACOG? What is a district or a section? Which one am I in? You are a member of ACOG as a Junior Fellow.ACOG is composed of 12 geographic districts and the Armed Forces District.Each district has sections. Click here for a map to find out which district and section you belong.You are represented on a local level through Section and District Junior Fellow Officers, and on a national level by your District Junior Fellow Officers who sit on the JFCAC.

What and who is the Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council (JFCAC)? The JFCAC is a national council made up of elected Junior Fellow Chairs and Vice Chairs from all 12 districts. The JFCAC meet 3 times a year and work on issues that are important to all Junior Fellows, such as resident education, leadership training, and community service.

Where do the educational materials originate (Compendium, Prologs, Precis)? ACOG has many committees which are responsible for creation of these documents. These committees are made up of ob-gyns from all across the country, and all committees have representation from Junior Fellows or Young Physicians. Committees are a great example of ways that ACOG members including Junior Fellows can stay involved though-out their career. Click here for application for membership to committees. In addition, ACOG offers a host of educational opportunities for Fellows, Junior Fellows and Medical Students, including an Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM) and Annual District Meetings (ADMs).

What does ACOG do to represent our specialty and our patients in areas of policy and legislation? ACOG's Department of Government Affairs influences federal and state legislation and regulations, and federal elections, to improve women's health, the practice environment for obstetrician- gynecologists, and the future of our specialty. ACOG leadership and committees are regularly briefed on pending legislation and advised on policy positions. The Department develops and conducts programs to educate, inform, and empower the Fellowship about federal and state legislative and regulatory issues, and federal elections. To learn more about ACOG's legislative priorities click here.

Junior Fellows are highly encouraged to attend ACOG’s Congressional Leadership Conference (CLC), a three-day course, held every Spring in Washington, DC. Top-level speakers and in-depth sessions prepare Fellows and Junior Fellows from across the nation to meet with their Senators and Representatives on ACOG’s top federal legislative priorities. ACOG's 32nd Annual Congressional Leadership Conference will be held Sunday, March 2 through Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC.

Additionally, ACOG's federal political action committee, Ob-Gyn PAC helps elect and support Members of Congress who champion our issues. It is the only national PAC in Washington, D.C. representing ob-gyns before Congress.You may click here to learn more about the PAC.

How can I keep up with ACOG latest news and information? ACOG has a very active communication department. You can follow ACOG on Facebook and Twitter.

The ACOG Web site has a wide range of resources, including a section specifically for Junior Fellows with contests and power point lectures on various topics available for download on the Junior Fellow Web page.Additionally, there is a new ACOG Medical Students Facebook Page with fun facts and resources for your budding ob-gyns. Don’t forget medical students receive a free ACOG membership and can become members by clicking here.

What does ACOG do for my future career goals? The networking opportunities in ACOG are amazing. ACOG also offers the Career Connection where you can search for jobs by clicking here as you approach graduation. ACOG also offers coding classes to learn how to bill appropriately.

I hope that this rapid tour of ACOG’s resources helps you understand the amazing organization that binds us together. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.


Meadow Maze Good, D.O.



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Wanda Proctor
Project Coordinator

For information about membership, please contact:
ACOG Membership Department
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