Ideas for Section Meetings

In an effort to stimulate Junior Fellow activity at the section level, the following is a list of ideas that will enable you to plan a successful Section meeting.

A Section meeting may take any of the following forms:

  • A one day meeting
  • A luncheon with a speaker - a free luncheon is an excellent way to maximize attendance
  • A dinner meeting with a speaker Speakers/topics may be:
    • university affiliated
    • affiliated with the state ob/gyn society
    • district officer(s)
    • national ACOG officer(s)
    • business topics outside of medicine, i.e. preparation for practice workshops, insurance, pension plans
  • A meeting of Junior Fellows within the section to review the ACOG Corporate video which outlines benefits of membership. Contact the Department of Junior Fellow Services (1-800-673-8444, ext. 2561), or your District Chair for a copy of the video.


Financial support can be sought from local pharmaceutical representatives or hospital departments to help defray expenses. Contact your Fellow Treasurer and Section Chair to inquire if the District or Section has funds to help defray the cost of your Section meeting.


This is the first and most important item necessary to achieve maximum attendance at your meetings. Publicize your meeting date as quickly as possible and then follow up with more detailed information. If there is time, two to three mailings or notifications are recommended. The Department of Junior Fellow Services can help you with your publicity.

See the sample meeting announcement and meeting program on the following pages.


Christine Himes

Wanda Proctor
Project Coordinator

For information about membership, please contact:
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