ACOG Goals

  • To define objectives for physician education in obstetrics and gynecology, determine needs, provide education and evaluate the processes.
  • To evaluate and provide practice guidance for women’s health care, including preventive and primary care.
  • To provide education for patients and the public in women’s health care.
  • To serve as an advocate for women's health care, including access to health care services.
  • To pursue improvements in the regulatory, medico-legal and economic issues that impact the provision of women's health care services.
  • To promote research and research training in women's health care.
  • To pursue improvements in the ethical and social aspects of women's health care.
  • To facilitate lifelong learning and the maintenance of essential professional competencies.
  • To facilitate the evaluation of professional performance through a range of peer review activities.
  • To work with other organizations and special interest groups for the advancement of women’s health care.


Christine Himes

Wanda Proctor
Project Coordinator

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