Readiness Assessment Is Your Practice Ready for EMRs

This is the first article in a series designed to help the practicing physician understand the complexities, benefits, problems, pros and cons associated with electronic medical record systems (EMRs) for the office.  Given the increased complexity of larger organizations and the fact that most Fellows practice in groups of six physicians or less, the information in this article is aimed at that target of small (≤ 6 doctors) office practices.  This article is aimed at providing an overview of the process, in a very basic form, and provides some basic tools that can reveal overall readiness and obstacles the practice is likely to encounter.  Despite acknowledging that there are some "cons" to EMRs, it is this author’s firm opinion that practices, and/or more importantly, patients, are better off with electronic medical records systems, specifically ones that provide aid to physicians to improve patient safety and clinical effectiveness via clinical decision support or business intelligence functions.

The basic objective of any Readiness Assessment is simply to determine inherent and potential risks that may impact the degree of success and return on the investment you will have with any project.

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Anne Diamond
Senior Director


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