STDs Resource Guide - Training

The websites listed below identify training opportunities for health care providers on STDs.

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP)
STD  Resource Center

The ARHP provides information for health care providers. It has specific Resource Centers dedicated to provide extensive information, links, and resources on selected topics. This STD Resource Center page contains headlines, medical education, patient information, research, resources, and other information.

Office of Population Affairs (OPA)/Office of Family Planning (OFP)     Click on Office of Family Planning

Clicking on “Training Grantees” in this site will identify training sponsored by the OPA/OFP.  The Title X Clinical Specialty Training Grantees offer didactic and clinical training to health care practitioners (primary care physicians, nurses and physician assistants); and the Title X Family Regional Training Centers’ priority is training personnel in Title X clinics.  Title X clinics provide a number of preventive health services such as: patient education and counseling; pelvic examinations; cervical cancer, and STD and HIV screenings


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Alicia Luchowski, MPH
Health Care for Underserved Women/ LARC Program

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