HIV/AIDS Resource Guide - Research

Several sites summarize the latest research findings and provide information on vaccine and new drug development.    Other sites provide information on clinical treatment and vaccine trials that are open to enrollment.  Additional sites provide information on potential funding for research on HIV.  Specific sites are described below.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality HIV Information

Primarily research results evaluating health care use among HIV-infected persons.

AIDS Treatment Information Service

Clinical Trials

Searchable database of clinical trials for HIV-infected persons

Clinical Trials

Treatment Action Group

Dedicated solely to advocating for larger and more efficient research efforts, both public and private, to find a cure for AIDS.  Website includes information about many topics in HIV research including drugs in development and vaccine studies.

US Government Funding Opportunities in Women’s Health

Database of federally funded and other clinical trials currently open to enrollment.


Overview of current research in vaccines for HIV and trials of both preventive and therapeutic vaccines.


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