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Some  services are funded through the federal government and some are funded privately.  All are administrated on the state and local level. Resources are available for breast and cervical cancer screening and early detection testing.  The testing tools are different based on the funding sources. Below is a non-comprehensive list of some of the resources available and the web sites and phone numbers where an inquiry can be made.  The information generates a local number where one can call and inquire about their individual criteria for qualifications as each program has different qualifications.  Some of these sites have treatment services available.

American Cancer Society  (ACS)

ACS has a website that provides information about guidelines and information about cancer for men, women, and children.  The information can be general but there is also very specific cancer site information.  Information is also available about clinical trials, statistics, research and the latest news.  Treatment recommendations and guidelines are also given.

Avon Foundation

This program is funded privately through donations. The Fund provides financial support to community-based programs providing education and outreach to medically underserved women, including low-income, older, and minority women.  Sites provide mammography screening, clinical breast exams and instructions on breast self-examinations. It provides screening  at reduced rates.  This testing is done at local sites.

Komen Foundation

This program is funded through privately through donations.  It provides mammography screening at reduced rates.  This program is offered at local sites.  The website has the local listings.

National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

This program is funded through federal and state governments and is offered through non-profit organizations and local health clinics.  The program provides mammograms and pap testing to women without health insurance for free or at very little cost.  The program attempts to reach as many women in medically underserved communities as possible, including older women, women without health insurance, and women who are members of racial and ethnic minorities.  The program is administrated within each state.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

NCI has a wealth of information on cancers in general and also has very specific information.  It has information for men, women and children.  It also has information about clinical trials, statistics, research, and the latest news on cancers.

Title X Programs     (Click in Service Grantees for local providers)

This program is funded through a federal program. Title X supported clinics provide breast exams and instructions on breast self-examination and pelvic examination and Pap tests (for early detection of cervical cancer).  This program is administrated by local sites.  These include state health departments, Planned Parenthood (, independent community-based clinics, hospitals, and community or migrant health centers. Charges are based on income and ability to pay. Regional and local sites with phone numbers are listed on the web site.


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