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Prevention of cancers occurs before the cancer even exists.  Some cancers can be largely prevented if behaviors are changed.  One example is smoking.  Most lung cancers occur to individuals who smoke.  Some individuals can prevent having lung cancer by never smoking or quitting after they have started.  Screening can be helpful when abnormal cells that may turn into cancer are detected and then treated.  The cancer may be prevented.  Most cancers do not have a precancerous stage but some do.  One example of this is cervical cancer.  It can potentially be avoided if the abnormal cells of the cervix are detected and  treated early before they turn into cancer.  Early detection is important because a cancer may be founded and treated before it has spread to other areas.

There are many sites that provide information about cancer information, in general.  They generally provide guidelines and provide information about prevention, screening, early detection and treatment of cancer for both men and women.  Many have links that can then direct you to your specific interests.

American Cancer Society  (ACS)

ACS has a website that provides information about guidelines and information about cancer for men, women, and children.  The information can be general but there is also very specific cancer site information.  Information is also available about clinical trials, statistics, research and the latest news.  Treatment recommendations and guidelines are also given.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

NCI has a wealth of information on cancers in general and also has very specific information.  It has information for men, women and children.  It also has information about clinical trials, statistics, research, and the latest news on cancers.

US Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

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