Fellow Election Deadline Extension

The 2015-2018 Fellow Election nomination deadline has been extended to Friday, June 20th, but only for those Section positions that do not currently have an applicant. The following Sections still have open positions:

Sections (District):
Arkansas (VII)
British Columbia (VIII)
California Section 3 (IX)
California Section 6 (IX)
Colorado (VIII)
Florida Section 3 (XII)
Florida Section 6 (XII)
Georgia (IV)
Indiana (V)
Mississippi (VII)
New Hampshire (I)
New York Section 4 (II)
North Dakota (VI)
Ontario (V)
Oregon (VIII)
Texas Section 2 (XI)

To become a candidate for office, your official address must be within the district or section in which you are running for office. You must submit the following materials electronically to Megan Willis at fellowelect@acog.org, by the extended deadline of June 20th, 2014:

  1. A letter from you stating the office or offices for which you would like to be a candidate.
  2. A one-page, single-sided, summary statement of your curriculum vitae in the format shown in Appendix A , Format for Summary Statement form Candidates for National, District and Section Elections
  3. A complete curriculum vitae

These materials will be distributed to the Nominating Committees before their Annual District Meetings.  When candidates submit this information, their names and office(s) for which they are running will be listed on the on the ACOG website on the District & Section Activities department page.

Please contact your District or Section Chair for the description of responsibilities associated with each office. You can also click here to view the ACOG Fellow Officer Orientation Manual for further information about what is expected of a Fellow Officer.

 Click here to view a complete list of District and Section Fellow Officer positions and candidates up for this election cycle. If you have questions about this process, please contact Megan Willis (fellowelect@acog.org; 202/863-2531).



Mary Behneman
Senior Director

Megan Willis