2013-2016 Fellow Section Officer Positions and Candidates

District I Sections

Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic Provinces Chair
Francis J. MacDonald, MD

Atlantic Provinces Vice Chair
Martina Delaney, MD


Chile Chair
Eugenio Suarez, MD

Chile Vice Chair
Hernan Munoz, MD


Maine Chair
Carla A. Burkley, MD

Maine Vice Chair
Peter C. Manning, MD

Maine Secretary/Treasurer
Susan Kearing, DO


Vermont Chair

Vermont Vice Chair

District II Sections

New York Section 2

New York Section 2 Chair
Paul H. Kastell, MD, JD, MBA

New York Section 2 Vice Chair
Ralph L. Ruggiero, MD

New York Section 2 Secretary/Treasurer
Michael F. Cabbad, MD

New York Section 5

New York Section 5 Chair
Dhruv Agneshwar, MD

New York Section 5 Vice Chair
Maryann E. Millar, MD

New York Section 8

New York Section 8 Chair
Erika Banks, MD

New York Section 8 Vice Chair
Mary L. Rosser, MD, PhD

New York Section 9

New York Section 9 Chair
Lawrence Perl, MD

New York Section 9 Vice Chair
Edward Deniuos, MD

District III Section(s)


Pennsylvania Chair
Kurt Barnhart, MD, MSCE

Pennsylvania Vice Chair
Lynne Coslett-Charlton, MD

Pennsylvania Secretary
Amanda Flicker, MD

Pennsylvania Treasurer
Stephen Smith, MD

District IV Sections


Maryland Chair
Jessica L. Bienstock, MD, MPH

Maryland Vice Chair
Ann Burke, MD

North Carolina

North Carolina Chair
William E. Brown, MD

North Carolina Vice Chair
James T. Al-Hussaini, MD

West Indies

West Indies Chair

West Indies Vice Chair

West Virginia

West Virginia Chair
Stephen H. Bush, MD

West Virginia Vice Chair
David C. Jude, MD

District V Sections


Kentucky Chair
Connie G. White, MD

Kentucky Vice Chair
Kenneth J. Payne, MD

Kentucky Secretary/Treasurer
M. Elaine Stauble, MD


Ohio Chair
Laura J. David, MD

Ohio Vice Chair
Wayne Trout, MD

Ohio Secretary/Treasurer
Amy M. Burkett

District VI Sections


Minnesota Chair
David A. Baram, MD

Minnesota Vice Chair
Douglas J. Creedon, MD, PhD

Minnesota Secretary/Treasurer


Saskatchewan Chair
Donna R. Chizen, MD

Saskatchewan Vice Chair
Debra Shepherd, MD

South Dakota

South Dakota Chair
Anthony A. Sierra, MD

South Dakota Vice Chair
Kevin D. Benson, MD

District VII Sections


Kansas Chair
Kathryn E. Sawchak, MD

Kansas Vice Chair
Melissa J. Hague, MD


Missouri Chair
Octavio Chirino, MD

Missouri Vice Chair
Peter B. Greenspan, DO

Missouri Secretary/Treasurer
Ravi S. Johar, MD

District VIII Sections


Alberta Chair
Martine N. Roy, MD

Alberta Vice Chair
Angelina Lukwinski, MD

Central America

Central America Chair
Eduardo Cordova, MD

Central America Vice Chair
Floridalma Rivas, MD

Central America Secretary
Flory Gonzalez, MD

Central America Treasurer
Cesar Augusto Reyes Martinez, MD

Central America Vocal 1
Tomas G. Arias, MD

Central America Vocal 2
Ruben Dario Fernandez, MD


Idaho Chair
Steve W. Robison, MD

Idaho Vice Chair
Cynthia R. Hayes, MD


Montana Chair
Tyler Bradford, MD

Montana Vice Chair
Shaun J. Gillis, MD

Montana Secretary/Treasurer
Randall K. Gibb, MD


Utah Chair
W. Lawrence Warner, MD

Utah Vice Chair
Christopher V. Hutchison

Utah Secretary/Treasurer


Washington Chair
Judith A. Jacobsen, MD

Washington Vice Chair
Sarah W. Prager, MD

District IX Sections

California Section 1

California Section 1 Chair
Stacey J. Wallach, MD

California Section 1 Vice Chair
Judy Mikacich, MD

District X Sections


Navy Chair
Jason Heaton, MD

Navy Vice Chair
Nanette Rollene, MD

Navy Vice Chair-Retired
Gregory R. Moore, MD, MPH

District XI Sections

Texas Section 3

Texas Section 3 Chair
John Thoppil, MD, FACOG

Texas Section 3 Vice Chair
Michael M. Hawkins, MD

Texas Section 3 Secretary/Treasurer
David Vineyard, MD

* Denotes an appointed position

Please contact Megan Willis (mwillis@acog.org; 202/863-2531) if you have any election related questions or concerns.


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Megan Willis


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