Junior Fellow news

Dr. Laura T. MercerLaura T. Mercer, MD, District VIII Junior Fellow chair

The third year of the Central American Education Project is in full swing. Junior Fellow section officers are busy fundraising to secure adequate resources for the 2014 grant recipient, which will be selected at the Annual District Meeting in September. Central American Junior Fellows can apply now!

Hospital General San Juan de Dios 

Luis B. Curet, MD, past District VIII chair, demonstrates a laparoscopic endotrainer for Guatemalan residents.

Past recipients of the project’s grant are:

  • The Honduras ob-gyn residency program in 2012. The program used the grant to implement an audiovisual classroom capable of teleconferences. Residents have been participating in regular educational conferences with the University of New Mexico 

  • The Hospital General San Juan de Dios in Guatemala in 2013. The hospital purchased a laparoscopic endotrainer for increased laparoscopic education with the grant

CREOG representative
Congratulations to Casandra A. Liggins, MD, from Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, who has been selected as one of two Junior Fellow CREOG representatives. Her three-year term began after the Annual Clinical Meeting in April.

Ob-Gyn Reporters
We had nine residents from seven programs apply to be Ob-Gyn Reporters at the ACM this year. Reporters are funded through an educational grant from Teva Women’s Health Inc that covers all reasonable expenses. Due to decreased funding this year, only three residents could be selected for the program. The District VIII Ob-Gyn Reporters were Audrey M. Moruzzi, MD, from the University of Washington in Seattle; Carmen A. Lafia, MD, from the University of Nevada in Reno; and Maritza Gonzalez, MD, from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Katie K. McGuire, MD, from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, served as an alternate.

Arizona Section Health Day   

Arizona Section Junior Fellows at the Annual Women’s Health Day at the Arizona State Capitol

Legislative activities
I’m thrilled to report that we had more than 15 District VIII Junior Fellows at the Congressional Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, this year. Suzanne Burlone, MD, District VIII Junior Fellow legislative chair, has been working with the section Junior Fellow legislative chairs to promote legislative advocacy in each state. Our ultimate goals are for every US section to have a Junior Fellow legislative chair and to host a lobby day. Big congratulations to the Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Washington sections for organizing lobby days for women’s health in their states.

Oral board preparation and practice
The inaugural mock oral board session at the 2013 ADM was really successful. The best part? The session was included in conference registration fees with no extra charge! The program will be featured again at the 2014 ADM in September. Many sections are working to implement mock programs at the state level as well. Stay tuned for more information on how to sign up for these opportunities.

Medical student initiatives
Recruitment of the next generation of ob-gyns continues with procedure nights, social hours, beeper walks, shadow programs, and more. We are so appreciative of the support from District VIII and its sections for Junior Fellows to continue with these programs.

ACOG highlights District VIII mentors
Congratulations to the following District VIII Fellows who were named ACOG Mentors of the Year. These individuals were recognized by Junior Fellows and young physicians for their dedication to and excellence in mentoring:

  • William “Buzz” Brown III, MD, Denver, CO
  • Erin A.S. Clark, MD, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Michael R. Foley, MD, Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Judith M. Kimelman, MD, Seattle, WA
  • Michael B. Schneider, MD, Fort Collins, CO
  • Valerie A. Sorkin-Wells, MD, Phoenix, AZ
  • Michael A. Urig, MD, Phoenix, AZ

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