Young physician report

Dr. Nicole E. MarshallDr. Sarah W. PragerNicole E. Marshall, MD, and Sarah W. Prager, MD, District VIII young physicians

Sarah W. Prager, MD, is your new District VIII young physician. Dr. Prager is a family planning specialist at the University of Washington in Seattle and Washington Section treasurer. One of our primary goals this year is to increase the participation of young physicians in ACOG activities. We understand that the first few years in practice are filled with many competing interests, and we want ACOG to be as career- and family-friendly as possible.

We’re working to minimize time away from practice and family by streamlining meetings and making sure they are family-friendly. While we have come up with some ideas, including lactation rooms, child care activities, and cheaper child guest fees, we are open to suggestions. What would make it easier for you to attend ACOG meetings? What has kept you from being more involved in ACOG?

The Fourth Annual Young Physicians Luncheon will be held on Friday, September 27, as part of the 2013 Annual District Meeting. Ralph W. Hale, MD, past ACOG executive vice president, will lead an afternoon session on leadership training with practical tips for different leadership styles.

Informal gatherings are also planned for the ADM, including kid time by the pool and a happy hour for young physicians to network and build support systems. We should support one another as we are shaping our practices. As always, we welcome suggestions for additional gatherings and future meetings.

As a reminder, please check out the young physician website for additional helpful resources. We hope to see you at the ADM in September!

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