Honduras ob-gyn residency program receives Junior Fellow project grant

Dr. Norman G. Morales AlvaradoNorman G. Morales Alvarado, MD

The first District VIII Junior Fellow Central American Education Project grant was awarded to the Honduras ob-gyn residency program. The program is a three-year program with 52 residents (22 first-year residents, 16 second-year residents, and 14 third-year residents). The residents and medical students rotating through the program will directly benefit from the project’s grant.

        Honduras Ob-Gyn Residency Program

The Honduras ob-gyn residency program already has a well-suited classroom that can hold 50 people. It will use the grant to purchase technology resources for providing education.


On the labor ward, approximately 2,000 vaginal births and 800 cesarean deliveries occur each month. Between 40 and 50 gynecologic surgeries, including vaginal and abdominal hysterectomies, anterior and posterior colporrhaphies, tumor debulkings, cyst removals, and laparotomies for ectopic pregnancies, are performed each month. The gynecology department has septic, gynecologic, pathologic, postpartum, and labor and delivery wards, in addition to an outpatient management area and ob-gyn emergency room. 

The grant will be used to purchase technology resources for providing education. These resources will give residents and medical students access to new information on general ob-gyn, as well as gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, and reproductive endocrinology. Many of the program’s residents are not members of ACOG due to financial challenges. Better access to educational materials will allow them to receive up-to-date ob-gyn information.

The department of gynecology already has a well-suited classroom that can hold 50 people. The materials needed to provide these innovative educational opportunities are a laptop, camera, and sound system. Access to these new resources will be available soon.

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