National Practitioner Data Bank information

Dr. Ralph W. HaleRalph W. Hale, MD, past ACOG executive vice president

The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) is a project of the Health and Human Services Branch of the National Institutes of Health that is responsible for maintaining a database of all licensed practitioners in all states and territories of the US. This database records all adverse actions against any provider or health care practitioner. It is accessible by individual practitioners, hospitals, and other health care facilities that wish to query applicants who have applied for privileges or other activities. 

The NPDB has a staff assigned to oversee the database, perform research on the data, and educate and work with all practitioners, their professional organizations, and facilities that deliver health care, such as hospitals and care centers. The NPDB has an executive committee that oversees NPDB activities that is composed of more than 30 professional organizations. Each of these organizations has a representative on the executive committee.

ACOG is one of the founding members of the NPDB executive committee. The original ACOG representative on the committee was William T. Mixson, MD, past ACOG president. I serve as the current representative and am also chair of the executive committee. The committee meets face-to-face once a year in the fall in Washington, DC, and once again in the spring via a web-based meeting. At the fall meeting, staff members give a detailed report of all activities. In the spring, we have a focused meeting on some aspect of the NPDB.