Young physician report

Dr. Nicole E. MarshallDr. Sarah W. PragerNicole E. Marshall, MD, and Sarah W. Prager, MD, District VIII young physicians

Young physicians had a great showing at the Annual District Meeting. We competed with Junior Fellows in the Dancing with the Docs competition and won for the second year in a row. We’re already planning our third win for next year when District IX hosts the ADM in Napa, CA, September 5–7. There was excellent attendance at the leadership forum led by Ralph W. Hale, MD, past ACOG executive vice president, and at the mentorship luncheon.

For the first time, we offered a session of mock exams for Junior Fellows preparing to take their oral boards. The session received a favorable evaluation from its participants. In fact, the only criticism was that it was too short. Participants requested more time so all three subjects could be reviewed. We plan to hold this session at the next ADM, perhaps with more slots on different days. We will be seeking more Fellows to participate, so be prepared to look stern and get your grill on!

The ADM introduced some new, family-friendly services, such as a table in the back of the lecture hall with crayons and coloring books and a breast feeding area from which lectures were still visible. We are waiting for feedback about these services, but they will likely be offered again as we look for more ways to make our meetings family-friendly.

Family-friendly offerings are one of many issues the District Advisory Council tries to address when planning for meetings. The next Interim District Advisory Council Meeting, April 4–6 in San Diego, will take place over three days with half days of sessions. Attendees will be surveyed to find out if this format is preferable to the shorter, full-day format of our last IDM, which minimized time away from practice and family.

Please let us know if you have any young physician issues with which we can help. We look forward to attending the IDM and seeing everyone at the Annual Clinical Meeting in April and the ADM in September.