2013 Annual District Meeting: Medical student perspective

Meisje BurtonMeisje Burton, MBA, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

As the daughter of an ob-gyn, I have been exposed to the demands and rewards of the specialty. My interest in the field has only grown since beginning medical school last year. Attending the Annual District Meeting deepened my desire to pursue a career in ob-gyn and gave me insight into the many possibilities that lie within the field.

In addition to more than 28 presentations and panel discussions, the ADM included two sessions specific to medical students, a young physician mentoring luncheon and leadership forum and a medical student forum.

At the luncheon, the small group I was part of was fortunate enough to be led by Robert Wah, MD, president-elect of the American Medical Association! After the forum concluded, Dr. Wah spent time speaking with my roommate and me, giving us words of encouragement and sharing his unique perspective on the future of medicine. I don’t know many second-year medical students who can claim the same experience.

The medical student forum included many question-and-answer panels with world-renowned physicians from across the district who were more than happy to share their stories, advice, and contact information with us. These candid discussions, coupled with a multitude of presentations on career development, provided a framework for us to make informed decisions as we prepare for Step 1 examinations, clerkships, and beyond.

Attending the meeting and representing the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix was an immense privilege and invaluable opportunity. The ADM fostered a wonderful environment for students to build upon existing medical knowledge and to receive guidance from physicians at all stages of their careers.

Perhaps most importantly, the workshops, presentations, and leisure activities introduced me to students and physicians who I can truly say will be lifelong friends and mentors. I would like to thank the section and district officers who provided scholarships for the meeting, the residents and physicians who gave their time, and the staff who made the event possible. Mahalo!

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