Young physician update

Dr. Nicole E. MarshallNicole E. Marshall, MD, District VIII young physician

The Third Annual Young Physician Luncheon was held during the 2012 Annual District Meeting in September. This year’s focus was on mentoring. The luncheon featured “speed mentoring” sessions with opportunities to meet and ask questions of Fellows from various districts with special expertise in areas important to young physicians just starting their practice.

Young physicians also had a chance to sign up to receive mentoring and to be a mentor to Junior Fellows and medical students still in training. Materials on mentoring will be available on the young physician website soon. I encourage you to check out these resources.

The next young physician meeting will be a breakfast forum at the 2013 Annual Clinical Meeting in New Orleans. I’ll have an update on the expected agenda in the next issue of the Gazette. We are also starting to plan the Young Physician Luncheon for the 2013 ADM. Please email me at if you have any suggestions for topics or speakers for this meeting.

As a reminder, the young physician category represents ACOG Fellows in their first eight years of Fellowship. Each district has young physician representatives who sit on their District Advisory Council and report to the young physician officers who sit on the ACOG Executive Board.

Your young physician representatives want to make sure we’re bringing issues that are important to you to the attention of your section, district, and national leaders. Please feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions. I encourage you to get involved with ACOG.

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