Utah Section reaches out to rural hospitals

Dr. W. Lawrence WarnerW. Lawrence Warner, MD, Utah Section vice chair

Last year, Utah Section leaders recognized a need to improve communication with our members. We began sending a monthly email to them about various clinical and legislative issues. We then realized that greater than 50% of the counties in Utah do not have an ACOG Fellow practicing in their communities. So, we contacted the nursing director of obstetrics in 18 rural hospitals throughout Utah and set up an email program with them. An introductory letter was sent to explain our intentions, and we asked the nursing directors to present the communication to their obstetric providers, both physicians and nurses.

Since the initial outreach, we have sent out five emails covering various patient safety subjects and standardized clinical protocols. The nursing directors forward the information to their obstetric staff and encourage them to take the topics and attached materials for discussion at a joint physician-nurse meeting to see if there are areas they can improve.

To date, I have personally visited 12 of these hospitals and given lectures on patient safety initiatives and the importance of standardization with minimization of variation. The feedback has been positive. I hope we have helped our maternity providers feel that they have a resource for current obstetric information.