2012 ADM: Medical student perspective

Devon RasmussenDevon Rasmussen, Vancouver Fraser Medical Program, University of British Columbia

In September, I had the privilege of attending the Annual Meeting of ACOG Districts VI, VIII, and IX in Phoenix. Though I was already quite sure ob-gyn was the right match for me, my excitement for the specialty was magnified tremendously by my experience.

The meeting was far more medical-student friendly than I could have imagined. The program had fantastic sessions that engaged medical students and young physicians, including hands-on workshops, didactic career planning seminars, and social networking events.

I attended a medical student forum, where students learned about the specialty, residency, and various subspecialty options. I also participated in the Young Physician Luncheon, where students were able to speak with Fellows and gain different perspectives on the specialty and residency match.

I had candid conversations with Fellows and Junior Fellows at a bowling night and during the “Dancing with the Docs” fundraiser. I was even fortunate enough to speak with residents and attendings from cities where I am strongly considering moving for residency.

Before attending the conference, I had never heard of ACOG and didn’t know that ACOG had Canadian sections. Following the conference, I feel better than I ever have about my plans to move toward a career in ob-gyn. I hope to get more involved with ACOG in the future. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to attend the ADM!