Young physician report

Dr. Stacey L. HolmanStacey L. Holman, MD, District VII young physician

I have been unlucky in my travels so far this year. I wasn't able to attend the Interim District Advisory Council Meeting in Memphis, TN, due to cancelled flights out of New Orleans. The priorities of young physicians remain how to find representation to fill leadership positions and how to establish renewed interest in ACOG. We also need to develop a network for improving communication among physicians during this time in our careers.

I will be attending the Annual Clinical Meeting in Chicago in April and hope to learn some new insights at the young physician meeting. Please consider attending the 10th Annual Young Physician Breakfast Forum at the ACM. Highlights from last year’s forum are on the young physician website.

I appreciate the district’s continued support of young physicians. I will have more information to share at the Annual District Meeting in Indianapolis in October.

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