Junior Fellow news

Dr. Suwan MehraSuwan Mehra, MD, District VII Junior Fellow chair

I would like to thank David R. Ellington, MD, for his invaluable leadership as District VII Junior Fellow chair over the past year and for his guidance as I take over his responsibilities. District VII Junior Fellows remain enthusiastic with a strong advocacy voice for ACOG and women’s health.

Junior Fellow attendance at the Annual District Meetings has been excellent. At the 2012 ADM in Nashville, TN, Junior Fellows raised financial support—almost $1,200—for the Mary Parrish Center, a shelter and rehabilitation center for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We were pleased with this fundraiser and applaud the efforts of the Fellows and Junior Fellows who contributed their time and energy to make it happen. 

Our service project at the 2013 ADM in San Antonio will be a clothing drive with District XI. We plan to collect attire for women who are seeking to enter the workforce. Section Junior Fellows will gather donations leading up to the ADM and bring them to the meeting where the drive will culminate. Cash donations will also be accepted. We are excited about this opportunity to serve the community.

Legislative activities
ACOG’s federal political action committee, Ob-GynPAC, saw a 100% increase in Junior Fellow participation in 2012. Dr. Ellington and Winston McCain Ashurst II, MD, helped motivate Junior Fellows to get involved in the “PAC Wars” competition at the 2012 ADM. Incoming section Junior Fellow vice chairs are promoting Ob-GynPAC at their respective programs. We hope to maintain the growing trend in Ob-GynPAC participation as we move into the future.

Several of our current Junior Fellow legislative representatives attended the ACOG Congressional Leadership Conference, The President’s Conference, in Washington, DC, March 3–5. They are sharing the skills they learned in their sections.

Medical student recruitment
I’m happy to report that the 2012 ADM marked one of the largest medical student programs we have supported in several years. Medical students interacted with Junior Fellows at a residency fair and medical student roundtables. The residency fair was supported by 12 programs from District VII. The medical student roundtable topics were:

  • “Successfully Navigating the Residency Application Process”
  • “Pursuing a Subspecialty Fellowship”
  • “Becoming a Medical Student Preceptor: The Five Micro-Skills of Effective Teachers”
  • “International Medical Training Opportunities”

Each residency program in our district is represented on the Junior Fellow District Advisory Council. If you have any questions about ways to get involved, please be sure to contact me or any of the Junior Fellow district officers listed on the District VII website