District VII young physician nominated for national office

Dr. Michelle Y. Owens

Michelle Y. Owens, MD, immediate past District VII young physician, has been nominated to assume the young physician-at-large position on the ACOG Executive Board. “My main goal is to represent the interest and perspectives of young physicians to the Executive Board and ensure that the unique needs of young physicians are communicated to and addressed by our leadership,” Dr. Owens said. She also hopes to encourage other young physicians to become and remain involved in ACOG.

Dr. Owens sets an outstanding example of engagement in ACOG. In addition to her recent role as District VII young physician, Dr. Owens is a member of the Committee on Health Care for Underserved Women, Committee on Obstetric Practice, and President’s Working Group on Hypertension in Pregnancy. She has an active practice and serves as associate professor and interim chair for the department of ob-gyn and associate fellowship director of maternal-fetal medicine at the University of Mississippi in Jackson.

Dr. Owens believes that being an engaged young physician is extremely important. Young physicians have the unique opportunity to offer fresh perspectives on the field of ob-gyn and provide energy and enthusiasm to help shape the future of ACOG.