Junior Fellow chair’s report

Dr. Amandeep S. MahalAmandeep S. Mahal, MD

District VI Junior Fellows continue to be active and interested in ACOG leadership. Volunteerism within each section is thriving with clothing and diaper drives, bake sales raising money for domestic violence shelters, and work in medical clinics alongside attending staff and medical students.

Last year, the District VI Junior Fellow Advisory Council took a special interest in recruiting medical students to ob-gyn, as we understand the future of our specialty relies on bringing in the best. The district pooled resources, including laparoscopic trainers, forceps models, intrauterine device inserters, and knot tying boards, to host a district-wide medical student recruitment event at the 2013 Junior Fellow Annual Meeting in Iowa City. We asked district members to bring medical students from their section to the meeting. We may repeat a similar event at future meetings.

Speaking of medical student involvement, we had four John Gibbons Medical Student Award recipients join us at the 2013 Annual Clinical Meeting: Kristen Gerjevic, from Iowa; Ginevra Mills, from Saskatchewan; Sarah Takimoto, from Nebraska; and Kristen Turner, from Illinois. We look forward to their future leadership in ACOG and in ob-gyn.

In addition, Tashera E. Perry, MD, District VI Junior Fellow vice chair, attended the ACM as the recipient of the John Burch Endowment Fund Travel Award. Her experience at the ACM and many other activities led to her election as District VI Junior Fellow vice chair. We could not be happier to have her on the council. Shweta J. Bhatt, MD, from Illinois; Gretchen Garbe, MD, from Illinois; Kady A. Kiichler, MD, from Nebraska; Anna C. McCormick, MD, from Illinois; and Mary N. Zaki, MD, from Illinois, also participated in the ACM as Ob-Gyn Reporters.

Dr. Zaki will take part in the ACOG/Japanese Society of Ob-Gyn exchange program in the spring. We wish her safe travels and look forward to hearing about her experience. Jill A. Gadzinski, MD, from Illinois, won the District VI Junior Fellow Prize Paper Award at the 2013 Annual District Meeting.

Our council is working to answer the question: “What would you like ACOG to do for you?” We’ve talked to Junior Fellows in practice, residency directors, and friends. At the Junior Fellow Annual Meeting, we hosted afternoon breakout sessions on topics such as advocacy and leadership. We are planning a series of lectures and breakout sessions for the 2014 ADM that we hope will address some of the issues concerning Junior Fellows. We plan to dive deeply into topics that are sometimes missed in our day-to-day training, such as job searching and contract negotiations.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with Junior Fellow projects, please contact me at or any of your section Junior Fellow officers.

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