Opportunities for Junior Fellow involvement

Dr. Paul G. TomichPaul G. Tomich, MD, District VI Junior Fellow advisor

At most residency training programs, new residents in ob-gyn are added as Junior Fellows to ACOG’s membership. Doing so allows them to take advantage of the educational materials available to them on the ACOG website. These materials include Practice Bulletins, Committee Opinions, and the latest news from ACOG’s national office.

ACOG has many opportunities for Junior Fellows to be involved at leadership levels. Within District VI, Fellows have attempted to identify at least one resident at each training program to serve as a liaison between District VI Junior Fellow leaders and their program so that all residents receive important information and news about ACOG.

The Junior Fellow organizational structure mirrors that of ACOG Fellows. Each section has section officers, and district officers are elected from that group. Those officers, of course, have district responsibilities, but they may also be involved at the national level with committees, task forces, and other opportunities for involvement. 

Junior Fellow meetings include an Annual District Meeting and an Interim Advisory Council Meeting (for officers only). There are opportunities for other educational events, including the ACOG Congressional Leadership Conference, The President’s Conference, held in late February or early March in Washington, DC, and the Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM) held each May.

There are several awards given out by the district to facilitate Junior Fellow participation in educational activities, such as the John Burch Endowment Fund. Additionally, Junior Fellows can take part in the Ob-Gyn Reporter program at the ACM.

Getting involved with ACOG at an early stage in your career is an invaluable experience. Doing so helps you meet others who are also early in their training and allows you to network with more experienced members of ACOG who may serve as mentors. District VI unveiled a mentorship program at the 2012 Annual District Meeting. More information will be available on the District VI website.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with ACOG during residency training, please contact any of your current Junior Fellow officers. Abigail A. Delaney, MD, is the District VI Junior Fellow chair and Amandeep S. Mahal, MD, is the District VI Junior Fellow vice chair. Their respective email addresses are adelaney@unmc.edu and amandeep-mahal@uiowa.edu. For more information on the opportunities mentioned in this report, contact Stephanie Williams, District VI manager, at sewilliams@acog.org.