Junior Fellow news

Dr. Tanya E. FranklinTanya E. Franklin, MD, District V Junior Fellow chair

The 2013 Junior Fellow Day will be held September 10–11 in Louisville, KY, in conjunction with the Kentucky Section Annual Meeting. This event is an opportunity for Junior Fellows to represent their sections with academic submissions. The program includes poster presentations, oral presentations, a surgical video contest, and a “Stump the Professors” session. It’s always fun to see our panel of professors baffled on stage!

There will also be a hands-on workshop in which Fellows, Junior Fellows, and medical students can try their hands at laparoscopic and hysteroscopic trainers, test morcellators, learn how to use manual vacuum aspirators, and practice placing long-acting reversible contraception devices. And the fun doesn’t stop there because there is a social event scheduled at Fourth Street Live, Louisville’s premier dining and entertainment destination, one block from the conference hotel. The social event will be held on the evening of September 10 and will feature food, fun, and socializing for all attendees.

This year’s District V Junior Fellow officers are carrying the torch of innovation and outstanding leadership qualities that make up our wonderful district. Fellows throughout District V have mentored Junior Fellows to the highest leadership potential at our residency programs and in our communities. I’m excited to highlight the district officers nominated by Junior Fellows:   

  • District V Junior Fellow vice chair: Katharine K. Raisler, MD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • District V Junior Fellow secretary-treasurer: Katherine A. Damm, MD, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

I’m also excited to announce the energetic officers chosen to represent each section:

  • Indiana Section Junior Fellow chair: Jennifer N. Tinder, MD, St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital
  • Indiana Section Junior Fellow vice chair: Paul C. Mayor, MD, Indiana University, Indianapolis
  • Kentucky Section Junior Fellow chair: Nayera R. Attalla Guirguis, MD, University of Louisville
  • Kentucky Section Junior Fellow vice chair: David A. Lovejoy Jr, MD, University of Kentucky, Lexington
  • Michigan Section Junior Fellow chair: Rosalyn E. Maben-Feaster, MD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Michigan Section Junior Fellow vice chair: Anushka M. Chelliah, MD, Wayne State University, Detroit
  • Ohio Section Junior Fellow chair: Jessica A. Smith, MD, University of Cincinnati
  • Ohio Section Junior Fellow vice chair: Devin D. Namaky, MD, TriHealth, Cincinnati
  • Ontario Section Junior Fellow chair: Amanda R. Cipolla, MD, University of Toronto
  • Ontario Section Junior Fellow vice chair: Mathew Leonardi, MD, University of Toronto  

If you are interested in becoming more active in ACOG, reach out to your section leaders.   

We know that District V’s main asset is its members. District V Fellows have nurtured and encouraged Junior Fellows to become rising leaders in ACOG. I urge you to be a part of ACOG, too, and I hope to see you in Louisville in September.