2013 District IX Resident Lobby Day

Dr. Laura L. SirottLaura L. Sirott, MD, District IX secretary

District IX held its 2013 Resident Lobby Day on May 22. Forty-six residents from 13 training programs throughout the state participated in the event, with eight additional team leaders. The teams completed 40 appointments with legislators and their staff members.

The day was filled with role-playing exercises and presentations on lobbying and how ACOG works with and in comparison to the California Medical Association. Residents focused on four bills, which were highlighted in talks by Laurie C. Gregg, MD, District IX chair; Susan D. Crowe, MD; and Shannon Smith-Crowley, JD, MHA, District IX director of government relations.

Assembly Bill 1308 requires the California Medical Board, by July 1, 2015, to revise and adopt regulations defining the appropriate standard of care and level of supervision required for the practice of midwifery and identifying complications necessitating referral to a physician. Senate Bill 402 improves breastfeeding policies in hospitals. Assembly Bill 900 and Senate Bill 460 reverse implementation of cuts to Medi-Cal provider rates. Our teams received great responses in their meetings and successfully spread our messages. 

       Resident Lobby Day

2013 District IX Resident Lobby Day participants 



Dr. Gregg, Ms. Smith-Crowley, and I presented Assemblymember Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) with an Award of Accomplishment on behalf of District IX for the bill she authored last year to limit the shackling of incarcerated pregnant women. District IX was recognized for its outstanding efforts on this bill at the 2013 ACOG Congressional Leadership Conference, The President’s Conference, in March.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this great day of lobbying for the women and physicians District IX represents. Special thanks go to all the attending physicians who covered for residents so they could attend. I hope to see everyone again next year! The tentative date for the 2014 Resident Lobby Day is May 21. For more details, contact Michelle Clark, District IX manager, at mclark@acog.org.