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Dr. John P. McHughJohn P. McHugh, MD, District IX newsletter editor

Thank you, dear reader! With this issue, District IX News is poised to break a new readership record, with more than 1,000 readers. These readers, like you, play an active role in setting the standards for women’s health in our state.

When you stop to think about it, California is an amazing place. It is home to many of the top centers for women’s health and academic superstars who regularly advance the standards for patient care. More than 500,000 babies are delivered in California every year, which is more than many large nations. California often adopts public health measures that are copied throughout the US.

With practice standards advancing every day, our goal is to provide you with the news you need to stay on top. Increasingly, statewide public health organizations look to District IX News as a vital way to reach you with updates on issues such as vaccination, preterm labor, and more. Our legislative advocacy team understands the need to provide essential information on statewide issues that affect your practice and your patients.

The key here is you. Your interest in staying on top of important issues and your commitment to spreading the word to others are critical to our efforts. What can you do in addition to reading every issue?

  • Send a copy to your colleagues when you read an article of interest
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ACOG is you, and the more you can be involved, the better off our patients will be.

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