District IX Fellows lead California Medical Association

Dr. Kelly A. McCueKelly A. McCue, MD, California Medical Association specialty delegation vice chair

District IX leadership works tirelessly to advocate for your ability to provide care for your patients. Still, it’s not always good news in Sacramento. 

In 1975, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) into law, reforming the insurance industry and providing essential protections to the care physicians provide. For the last 38 years, trial lawyers have been fighting MICRA. This time around, they are spending heavily, hiring an experienced political operative to lead their attack. If the changes to MICRA trial lawyers are seeking are made, they will increase barriers between physicians and patients.

ACOG Fellows assembled at the California Medical Association (CMA) House of Delegates Annual Meeting to discuss the trial lawyers’ strategy. Until their initiative is soundly defeated, we are all cognizant that our work may be taken out of context and our views may be misrepresented in the media. District IX delegates worked from dawn until dusk advocating for CMA policy to: 

  • Support reimbursement for phone and electronic patient management
  • Require retro-authorization processes for tests and procedures
  • Protect sexually exploited minors from prosecution
  • Support transparency in labeling nanoparticles in food
  • Regulate chemicals involved in hydraulic fracturing
  • Oppose restrictions on patient and physician free speech

CMA recognizes the vital role ACOG Fellows play in advocating for women’s health. District IX delegates continue to move up the ranks of leadership within CMA. I now serve as specialty delegation vice chair; Mibhali M. Bhalala, MD, was elected delegation secretary; and Ruth E. Haskins, MD, was elected to the Board of Trustees, a coveted position.

Dr. Haskins presented a seconding speech to the House of Delegates that was so well received she is now giving strong consideration to running for CMA president in the near future. We’ll keep you informed.

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