Junior Fellow advisor’s report

Dr. Scott A. Sullivan

Scott A. Sullivan, MD, South Carolina Section vice chair

I am pleased to present my first report as District IV Junior Fellow advisor. I am particularly honored to serve in this capacity, having been active in Junior Fellow activities many years ago as a resident and young physician.

I was always grateful to have strong advocacy from leaders such as Stanley A. Gall, MD, past District V chair; John R. Musich, MD, past District V chair and past Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council (JFCAC) advisor; and Paul G. Tomich, MD, District VI Junior Fellow advisor, past District VI chair, and past JFCAC advisor. Serving as District IV Junior Fellow advisor is an opportunity for me to continue their example for a new generation of young leaders. 

I have a tough act to follow, as Shelly W. Holmstrom, MD, did a fabulous job in this role. She has been kind enough to show me the ropes from her new post as District XII secretary. I thank her for her generosity and her example.

While I have not yet attended a Junior Fellow advisory council meeting this year, I have been in contact with Donna Brown, MD, District IV Junior Fellow chair, and Rachel K. Casey, MD, District IV Junior Fellow vice chair. They reported a strong positive response to their program at the Annual District Meeting in Charleston, SC. Therefore, they’ve requested time and space at the 2013 ADM in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, with Districts I and III for another program.

Junior Fellows also submitted plans for another “Stump the Professors” session, which calls for Junior Fellow presenters from each district participating in the meeting. Last year’s session was a resounding success and a win for the Junior Fellows, as they reminded me.

We are in the midst of the Junior Fellow district election cycle for 2013–14. Calls for nominations have gone out. More information can be found on the Junior Fellow website. A committee has been formed and will be meeting this year to finalize a list of candidates. If you know of any interested leaders, please let me know as soon as possible. You can email me at sullivas@musc.edu.

I was fortunate to attend a recent seminar on “ACOG Leadership in the 21st Century,” sponsored by ACOG President James T. Breeden, MD, and ACOG Executive Vice President Hal C. Lawrence III, MD. It was refreshing to see the progress ACOG has made in recruiting and retaining young leaders. There have been challenges in light of economic realities and generational differences, but I came away optimistic as ever about ACOG’s future. Working with the bright young leaders of District IV only reinforces that optimism.