ACOG Coding Workshops – Still Open for Business in Spite of the ICD-10 Delay!

ICD-10 has been delayed through legislative action until October 1, 2015.  ACOG believes that ICD-10 will eventually be implemented and that our Fellows need to be prepared.  The delay provides additional time for those who were not quite ready for the October 2014 deadline - to get ready! 

Practice Makes Perfect!
The implementation delay means additional time to perform the activities that will help us to achieve a seamless implementation;

  • testing with vendors and payers
  • learning the new codes, and
  • continuing to work on clinical documentation improvements and specificity

Additional time also allows us to transition from the “panic mode” into systemic learning of the new code set, guidelines and processes.

For the past several years our Coding Workshops have focused on general improvements to documentation and on increasing documentation specificity in part, through looking at ICD-10 documentation requirements and guidelines. We will continue those efforts this year. So although ICD-10 is integral to our educational efforts this year, our workshops are about much more than diagnostic coding.

Although ICD-10 coding is incorporated into every workshop module, the new Hands-on ICD-10 Module is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge of ICD code selection guidelines and principles. Since ICD-9 and ICD-10 guidelines are very similar, hands-on practice of ICD-10 code selection will significantly enhance your existing diagnosis code selection skills.

So get ahead of the curve!  Learn how correct diagnostic and procedural coding can positively affect your practice's bottom line by signing up for a Coding Workshop today. Find out for yourself why your peers return to our Coding Workshops year after year!


Donna Tyler
Manager, Coding Education

Keisha Sutton
Coding Specialist