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CREOG Clearinghouse

This is the CREOG Clearinghouse Hotline for ObGyn residency positions The following information has been updated on Wednesday September 21 2016 All positions are available immediately unless otherwise indicated PGY 1 POSITIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS MOMENT nbsp PGY 2 POSITIONS AVAILABLEnbsp Uni...

September 2016


CREOG Quiz #370

A 25yearold woman G2P0010nbsp at 8w 2 d gestation presented for a new obstetrical visit and expressed concern about a rash on her arms and legs as well as diffuse joint pains She stated that she had traveled to the Dominican Republic for a wedding 5 days ago and had sustained lots of mosquito bite...

September 2016


CREOG Quiz #373

A 20year old asymptomatic primigravid woman with a singleton pregnancy at 20w 3d gestation had a routine ultrasound examination to assess fetal anatomy Although no structural fetal abnormalities were noted the unexpected findings shown below were identified The distance marked by the calipers was ...

September 2016


CREOG Quiz #374

A 35 yearold woman G2P1001 at 27w2d was nbsptransferred from a referring hospital to the medical centerrsquos LampD Triage Unit for an evaluation of severe headache and elevated blood pressure The patient was diagnosed 1 week previously with gestational hypertension and was treated with oral alpha...

September 2016


CREOG Quiz #372

A 40yearold woman G7P2042 with a history of two prior cesareans was found to have a placenta previa on an ultrasound at 17 weeks She was managed expectantly until 32 weeks when she reported hematuria lasting for one week An MRI was performed please see illustration below which showed placenta perc...

September 2016


CREOG Quiz #371

A 25 yearold primigravid woman at 23 weeks gestation by a 6 week sonogram presents for an initial prenatal visit She reports an uneventful pregnancy thus far except for a shortlived febrile illness early in pregnancy that was associated with arthralgias conjunctivitis and a disseminated nonpruriti...

September 2016


CREOG Quiz #369

Members Only

August 2016


Cases in Cost Conscious Care

Cristina Zottola czottolagwmailgwuedu Mentor Dr Jennifer Keller MD Clinical Scenario A A 26 yearold nulliparous woman calls your office to schedule an appointment to discuss having an IUD placednbsp The scheduling department obtains the womanrsquos insurance information and prior to her appointmen...

August 2016


CREOG Quiz #363

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July 2016


CREOG Quiz #362

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July 2016

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