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February 2017

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December 2016

Office vs. outpatient surgical management of first trimester pregnancy loss Lauren D. Demosthenes, MD Greenville Health System Greenville, South Carolina Scenario A: SJ is a 28 year old woman who has been diagnosed with an early pregnancy loss at 8 weeks gestational age.  She is counseled on expectant management, medical treatment and surgical evacuation.  She prefers surgical care and is scheduled for an outpatient D&C in the operating room. Office surgical treatment is not offered. She is insured with a 10K deductible which she has not yet started...

December 2016

Sterilization: Postpartum tubal vs. interval laparoscopic tubal Andrea Seid, MD   Clinical Scenario A A 38 y.o. G7P6016 presents to clinic 5 weeks postpartum after a NSVD, she desires permanent sterilization and signed tubal consent 12 weeks prior to delivery. She declined LARCs and other contraceptive methods. She was scheduled for surgery 1 week later and had a laparoscopic tubal ligation. Patient returned to clinic 2 weeks after surgery for a post-operative appointment. Clinical Scenario B A 38 y.o. G7P6016 presented to L&D in labor, and is now status post N...

November 2016

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November 2016

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