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Cases in Cost Conscious Care

Amnisure or traditional speculum exam Radhika Patnam MD Patnammuscedu Clinical Scenario A A 26 yo G1 female 375 weeks gestation presented to the hospital exam room after noticing her ldquounderwear was wetrdquo She denied any contractions or bleeding and endorsed good fetal movement nbspHer NST wa...

January 2016


Cases in Cost Conscious Care

UTI Radhika Patnam MD Patnammuscedu Mentor Dr Steven Swift MD Clinical Scenario A A 35 yo G3P3 female calls the clinic with a complaint of burning with urination and increased frequency She denies any fever chills or new onset back pain She notes that this ldquofeels like a UTIrdquo The patient sp...

January 2016


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January 2016

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