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Letter to Residents

I wish to bring to your attention the CREOG resident quiz series, which is posted on the CREOG web site. Each exercise begins with a visual image or clinical scenario. The reader then is presented with 3-5 multiple-choice questions, followed by a list of the correct answers and a short summary paragraph and supporting reference. Each quiz can be completed within 10 minutes. I believe that you will find this quiz series to be of immediate practical value in learning basic concepts in obstetrics and gynecology.

To access the quizzes, log onto the ACOG web site using your member number. Once you are on the front page of the ACOG web site, simply scroll to the bottom right-hand side of the page and click on "CREOG." The CREOG front page then will appear, and you will gain access to the quiz series by clicking on the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

I welcome your suggestions for improving this series, and I sincerely hope that you find these learning exercises of value.


The Education Committee of the Council for Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG) has developed a new self-assessment tool for residents' the CREOG Clinical Quiz. Each case contains an image and set of multiple-choice questions. The answers will be provided along with a discussion and references. Initially, cases were posted for a period of time, removed and replaced by new cases. However, due to the tremendous interest in the quiz items, CREOG has decided to continue to have all items available. In addition, it was decided to catelog the quiz items by educational objectives. To view quiz items by objectives, click here for a listing of quizzes by subject area.

The CREOG Resident Quiz series has been developed under the guidance of the CREOG Education Committee. Contributing authors include:

Kolawole Akinnawonu, MD (quiz 226-227)

Marwan Ali, MD (quiz 212)

Karem Alvarez, BS (quiz 306)

Osama Amro, MD (quiz 209)

Jason Appelbaum (quiz 229)

Jessica Atrio, MD (quiz 193)

Jami Barnard (quiz 253)

Maurine Batson, MD (quiz 315)

Sarah Beck, MD (quiz 257)

Maria Molina Boero, MD (quiz 211)

Sonya Brar, BS (quiz 274, 278)

Leah Braseth, BS (quiz 269)

Bradley Bruggeman, BS (quiz 316)

Dana Bryant, MD (quiz 127, 130-132, 134-135, 143-144, 155, 165)

Blake Butterworth, BS (quiz 296)

Joel Cardenas-Goicoechea, MD (quiz 222-223, 247)

Segundo Cardenas-Goicoechea, MD (quiz 225)

Brian Cohen, MD (quiz 84-86)

Stephen A. Cohen, MD, MBA (quiz 102, 107, 112)

Chad E. Cooley, BS (quiz 262)

Lauren Cooper, BS (quiz 273)

Jessica Covington, BS (quiz 299)

Bryan Cowan, M.D. (quiz 36, 93, 96)

Cimberly Crawford, DO, MBA (quiz 210)

Jennifer L. Czerwinski, MS, CGC (quiz 199)

Susan Dalton (quiz 318)

Tahnie Danastor, BS (quiz 302)

Natasha Deming, BS (quiz 276, 278)

Scott Dexter, MD (quiz 217-219)

Amy Driebe, BS (quiz 297)

Brent DuBeshter, MD (quiz 117-118, 124)

Patrick Duff, MD (quiz 1-31, 33, 34, 41-45, 48, 51, 53-55, 58-60,63-64, 72-75, 87, 100, 102, 110, 113, 114-115, 119, 123, 125-126, 133, 140-141, 164, 220-221, 244)

Whitney Edmister, MD (quiz 116)

Christina Escobar, BS (quiz 300)

Ada Eziefule, MD (quiz 259 and 260)

Mona Fakih, DO (quiz 214-215)

Rania Farhat, BS (quiz 281)

Erin Fishman, MS (quiz 230)

Jessica Fowler, MD (quiz 255)

John Frattarelli, MD (quiz 103, 106, 108-109)

Nancy D. Gaba, MD (quiz 153)

Larisa Gavrilova-Jordan, MD (quiz 116)

Alexis Gimovsky, MD (quiz 216)

Ellen Goldstein, MD (quiz 193)

Christine Goudge, MD (quiz 160)

Rachel Grimes, BS (quiz 298)

Jessica Greer, BS (quiz 277)

Jeanne Marie Guise, MD (quiz 36 and 46)

Natasha Gupta, MD (quiz 283, 287, 290-291)

Ross Harrison, BS (quiz 301)

Michael Haydon, MD (quiz 151-152, 161)

Robert Higgins, MD (quiz 71)

Shantele Hinton (quiz 254)

Laura Holman, MD (quiz 204)

Ziad Hubayter, MD (quiz 128-129)

Robert Hunter, MD (quiz 202-203)

Iain Elliott, MD (quiz 251)

Laura Irwin, MD (quiz 52)

Shevata Jain, MD (quiz 176, 181-182)

David Jude, MD (quiz 83)

Nauman Khurshid, MD (quiz 205-208)

Rebeca Kimsey, MS (quiz 232)

Vitaly Kushnir, MD (quiz 168)

Lee Learman, MD, PhD (quiz 94-101)

Eric Levens, MD (quiz 163)

Ramey Littell, MD (quiz 62, 70)

Cheryl Lodwick, Medical Student (quiz 239)

Tresa Lombardi, MD (quiz 309)

Katherine Look, MD (quiz 37, 38, 39, 67-69, 77-78, 111)

Charles Macri, MD and Sultana Laila Sultan, MSIV (quiz 169)

Shaveta Malik, MD (quiz 248)

Mona Mallikarjunaiah, MD (quiz 292)

Shyama Mathews, MD (quiz 288)

Patricia Mattingly, MD (quiz 310-311)

Rebecca McAlister, MD (quiz 61, 76, 80, 99)

Bri Anne McKeon, Medical Student (quiz 238)

John Miller, II, MD (quiz 258)

Kathryn Mince, BS (quiz 303)

Dena Mohnani Medical Student (quiz 245)

Manju Mongo, MD (quiz 47, 49, 50, 51)

Devin Namaky, MD (quiz 197)

Kulvir Nandra, BS (quiz 289, 293)

Clark Nugent, MD (quiz 82, 95)

Wallace Nunley, MD (quiz 97-98)

Jorge P. Orezzoli, MD (quiz 178)

Begum Ozel, MD (quiz 136, 138-139)

Ramesha Papanna, MD, MPH (quiz 167)

YeonJung Park, BA (quiz 272)

Jessica Parker, BS (quiz 250, 271)

Jacquelyn Paykel, MD (quiz 65)

Jessica Perkins, MD (quiz 256, 261)

Andrey Petrikovets, MD (quiz 279, 308)

Puspha Phillips, MD (quiz 252)

Alexander Quaas, MD (quiz 156-157)

Susan Richman, MD (quiz 81, 90, 91, 92)

Bassam Rimawi, MD (quiz 187, 190, 228)

Kay Roussos-Ross, MD (quiz 275)

Kimberly Sampson, MD (quiz 312 - 313)

Sharlene Sanidad, MD (quiz 213)

Masha Sanhenko (quiz 233-234)

Tristan Gonzalez-Sanz, Medical Student (quiz 242)

David Schwartz, MD (quiz 32)

Howard Shaw, MD (quiz 120-122)

Rabia Iram Siddik-Ahmad, MD (quiz 284-286)

Angela Simmen, Medical Student (quiz 249)

Namrata Singhania, MD (quiz 200)

Anita Sit, MD (quiz 284-286)

Annie Smith 3rd yr. Medical Student (quiz 224, 237)

Roger Smith, MD (quiz 79)

Aparna Sridhar, MD (quiz 198)

Sunayana Srinivasan, MD (quiz 314)

Mary Sterrett, MD (quiz 305, 307)

Kathryn Stinson, 4th year Medical Student (quiz 231)

Stacey Stevens, 4th year Medical Student (quiz 236)

Jessica Stowe, 4th year Medical Student (quiz 240)

Noel Strong, MD (quiz 192)

Rudy Suidan, MD (quiz 263-265)

Paige Swenson, BS, MS (quiz 304)

Kendra R. Sylvester, B.S. (quiz 294)

Alejandro Treszezamsky, MD (quiz 170-175, 177, 179, 180, 183-186,188-189, 191-192, 194-196, 211, 213, 222-223, 225, 235)

Cindy Turco, BS (quiz 282)

Lauren Turker, BS (quiz 270)

Zachary Tyser, BS (quiz 268)

Vaneesha Vallabh-Patel, DO (quiz 266-267)

Kristell Valverde Medical Student (quiz 246)

Michael Vardy, MD (quiz 194-196)

Monique Vaughn, 4th year Medical Student (quiz 243)

Travus White, BS (quiz 317)

Cheau Williams, MD (quiz 201)

Corey Wilson, BS (quiz 280)

Honor Wolfe, MD (quiz 35, 56-57)

Diana Wu, MD (158-159)

Daphna Yasova Medical Student (241)

Carolyn Zahler, B.S. (quiz 295)

Christopher Zahn, MD (quiz 88-89, 104-105)

Patrick Duff, MD

Editor, CREOG Quiz Series

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Instructions to Authors
The CREOG Education Committee welcomes submission of new quiz items from faculty and residents. Each quiz should be based upon a distinctive visual image, e.g., a fetal heart rate tracing, sonogram, photomicrograph, urodynamic tracing, karyotype, gross pathology specimen. Please prepare a short clinical scenario to introduce the image, followed by one to three multiple-choice questions. The questions should be type-A (select the one best answer). There should be one correct answer and three or four plausible distractors. Please do not write true-false questions or K-type questions (a and c are correct; a, b, c are correct; b and d are correct; only d is correct). Please indicate the correct answer to each question and then present a short summary (one paragraph) that explains the correct answer. Please also list one current reference, preferably published in the last five years that supports your answers.

Please submit your quiz items to me by email. Your visual image may be a hard-copy, glossy photograph, or a digital image transmitted electronically. I will review your submission, edit it for format, and then forward it to the CREOG office for posting on the website. Once this quiz is published, it becomes the property of CREOG. Authors of the quizzes will be acknowledged on the introductory page of the quiz website. You may also cite the publication on your Curriculum Vitae (Example: Smith J. Cystic teratoma. CREOG Resident Quiz Series, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Washington, DC 2004).

Please send your submissions to me at: . Thank you very much for your assistance with this important educational project.


CREOG Department