ACOG Clinical Guidelines

Committee Opinion #658, Optimizing Support for Breastfeeding as Part of Obstetric Practice, updates ACOG's breastfeeding recommendations and outlines ways ob-gyns can support women in achieving their breastfeeding goals.

Committee Opinion #570, Breastfeeding in Underserved Women: Increasing Initiation and Continuation of Breastfeeding

Committee Opinion #637, Marijuana Use During Pregnancy and Lactation

Breastfeeding Handbook for Physicians, Second Edition - This resource provides guidance for physicians in all specialties. This handbook represents the collaborative efforts of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, with new information on benefits of breastmilk to preterm infants and breastfeeding issues during a disaster. The handbook is available for purchase.  There is also an e-book available for purchase.

Guidelines for Perinatal Care, Seventh Edition- This resource is a joint project by The College and The American Academy of Pediatrics.  This edition provides updated information on a variety of perinatal topics, including breastfeeding.  This book is available for purchase. There is also an e-book available for purchase.


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