Future Directions for the Office of Adolescent Health

Clinical and policy experts interviewed about their views on future directions for the federal Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) offered creative ideas and shared their high expectations for this new HHS office.

Highlights of the findings from in-depth interviews with 31 experts include:

  • Leadership to coordinate federal agency programs for adolescents is urgently needed in the areas of program design and evaluation, research, and health care provider training to improve interagency coordination and achieve better health outcomes more efficiently.
  • OAH is in a unique position to promote a national vision and plan of action for the prevention and early detection of mental and behavioral health problems among adolescents and for the promotion of healthy youth development.
  • In addition to its funded work to promote teen pregnancy prevention, experts are looking to OAH to address many additional topics. Among them are building the evidence-base for risk reduction strategies and moving proven strategies into practice, investing in comprehensive interdisciplinary approaches to care, and promoting changes in the content of training for health care providers and others.

Read the full report from The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health.


Caitlin Phelps, MA
Director of Gynecology

Lyndona Charles
Special Assistant, Gynecology and Ethics