Dear Colleague A letter from leadership to PA ACOG members

Update on the Breast Density Law: A letter to PA ACOG members

Dear Colleague,

As of January 30, 2014, The Breast Density Notification Act became law. This Act mandates that mammography centers notify patients of breast density scores with their mammogram results. Consistent with National ACOG’s position, the PA ACOG Section initially lobbied against the passage of this bill, primarily because of its inherent legislative interference in the doctor-patient relationship and the lack of evidence that such notification would lead to a benefit in patient outcomes.  

However, there was strong support for the legislation by patient advocacy groups such as the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition. Recognizing the bill was going to move, PA ACOG was successfully able to rewrite the notification language to amend the bill in a way that would be the least alarming to the patient.  

The law’s notification, which a patient will receive, is intended to inform further conversation with her medical provider. Click here for access to useful provider education tools regarding breast density developed by the American College of Radiology to aid your address of this issue.

PA ACOG Leadership

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