A Word from Our Lobbyist

PA ACOG Opposes Physician Mandate Legislation
by Andy Sandusky, PA ACOG Lobbyist, Milliron & Goodman, LLC

PA ACOG has expressed opposition to Pennsylvania House Bill 2111 because it mandates physician action and interferes with a physician’s relationship with their patients. HB 2111 is certainly well-intentioned, as it attempts to provide informational material to aid physicians in speaking with families that have received a positive diagnosis for Downs Syndrome in a fetus. PA ACOG has shared with members of the PA House of Representatives that a positive Downs Syndrome test for a fetus is one of the most difficult conversations its physician members face. PA ACOG supports an amendment that will remove the mandate language for physicians and replace it with a permissible action. An amendment such is this would achieve similar results by making additional informational materials available to aid physicians’ discussions with their patients and families while not creating undue interference in the physician-patient relationship.  House Bill 2111 is likely to see legislative action soon.

Keeping Watch on the Hospital Privileges Requirement Legislation

As advocates for women’s safety, PA ACOG is also keeping a close eye on legislation that has been introduced in the PA House of Representatives that would require hospital privileges for physicians performing abortions in the Commonwealth. Similarly-enacted state legislation has been blocked in provisional courts in at least four states. PA ACOG has found no evidence of a correlation between clinical privileges and improved communication with a patient handoff at the hospital. The bill is currently in committee and is being closely monitored by PA ACOG.

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