Expedited Partner Therapy is Now Legal in Michigan

Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) is the provision of antibiotic treatment to the partners of patients with sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, without requiring a physician-patient relationship to be established with the partner(s) being treated. Michigan joins 44 other states that have created the legal avenue for physicians to offer this CDC-recommended strategy. 

House Bill 4736, introduced by Rep. George Darany, was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives on 10/30/2013 and was approved by the Michigan Senate at the end of 2014. Public Act 525'14 was signed by Governor Snyder and went into effect on January 14, 2015. PA 525'14 amends the Public Health Code to permit physicians to prescribe, and pharmacists to dispense, antibiotics to the sexual partners of patients with confirmed or suspected sexually transmitted infections. PA 525'14 also directed the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (formerly the Department of Community Health) to develop and distribute information handouts for patients and their partner, explaining the safety and benefits of EPT.


Handout for Patients and their Partners



Handout for Healthcare Providers


PA 525 signed by Governor Snyder

Governor Snyder with bill sponsor, Rep. George Darany, and representatives of ACOG and MSMS.



Dr. Jody Jones, Michigan Section Chair, testified to the House Health Policy Committee in support of EPT.


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